Sales post! ☆

* I ship from Belgium, please contact me for shippingcosts.
* I'm not responsible for lost packages since I offer insurance.
* All the items listed here are brand new, unless stated otherwise.
* I prefer payments with Paypal, buyer needs to pay for the fees tho.
* I accept reasonable offers but no trades whatsoever.
* Prices don't include shipping.



Innocent World Replica House Bag

Brand new with tags.
2 pair of straps included.
25 euro.

Black Bodyline blouse with detachable sleeves

Brand new with tags.
Size M.
22 euro.

Bust : 92cm
Waist : 82cm
Shoulder length : 37cm
Sleeve length : 22cm
Length : 54cm

White Bodyline blouse

New without tags, jut tried on once.
However, when I opened up the last button to try it, it broke, so I glued it back.
It's not noticable, only when you look at it closely, I just hope it won't break again.
Size M.
20 euro.

Bust : 86cm
Length : 53cm
Shoulder length : 34cm
Sleeve length : 24cm

AYA music note replica skirt in off-white

50 euro

Fully shirred so will fit almost every waist.
Length : 56 cm

H&M black/white JSK

Size 38, never wore it, perfect condition.

White with black lace mini skirt

Wore it a couple of times, still very good condition.
Waistband is fully shirred.
10 euro.

Mint bolero

Size M.
Bought it on the sales comm, I however never wore it.
8 euro.

HellCatPunks belt

35 to 42 inch long, can be trimmed down till 32 inch.
20 euro.

Red plaid Marjour Pants

Size S/M, waist stretches from 28 to 32 inch.
30 euro

White Marjour buckle Pants

Size L, waist stretches from 30 to 34 inch.
45 euro.

Thanks so much for watching and please do make reasonable offers!

VIP at HITT concert . ♪

2009.9.5 - HITT fansession at Brussels & Concert in Verviers .

Altho we didn't really exchange too many words (sucker at Japanese), I had a great time. He's so funny.. :'D
I bought his new Kakkotsuke Man single and had it signed at the fansession, in the bus we got one of his official photos and that's what I got signed at the concert.  Haha, he must've been sick of seeing all the same people twice .

But seriously.. this guy can perform.. I was very impressed.. o.O

   And yes.. he likes to camwhore.

But anyway, this was such a nice experience, I'm so happy I could be one of the 35 VIPs. (:


Last week events.. ☆

So, my friend stayed over at my place from thursday 'till saturday -already 2 weeks ago.. and i promised to update (almost) daily :'D .
It was WAY too hot to do anything but going to a bar that day.. 37°c.. holy fuck.
Belgium is way too fucking unpredictable for me. o.O

Next day! We went to the zoo :') it's been more than 3 years for me since I actually went to the zoo, last time wa when I still studied Photography;
They had the most cute seals ever.. i don't know why but i always find myself spending way too much time with them.

I don't know what we did the rest of the week so we'll go on with the next one.. I spend wednesday 'till saturday with yes.. the same friend ( that gives you an idea how many interesting people there are around really.. ) and we didn't do much more than melting away in the heat, going for picknicks and endless bike rides to town to get more smokes :') and we made brownies which didn't last long since her cats were like ' yarr go fuck yourself i'm eating them bitch ' 8B so yeah .

Meanwhile, freaking Putumayo stuff still didn't arrive .

I can't believe I'm actually starting to wear brand and that I spend more than 200euro's on this.. ( black/white socks aren't mine tho )
I just needed the JSK to fit with the Putu cutsew I bought recently.. and the socks to complete my Strawberry Cream coord.. and I simply wanted the jumpsuit-thingy so bad .

Sept. 1 = first day of school again, and finally my last year.
We didn't do anything, as usual.. and I bet we won't do anything.. anytime soon.
And again, I always get dissapointed when hoping there would be some interesting people in my class..
Oh well, we'll see what this year brings and hopefully I'll be in Japan by next year . ( this doesn't make me a J-tard like loads of you, fuckers )

I'm off to a friend tomorrow, till friday, than she's staying over with me and saturday we're going to Brussels, to meet HITT and afterwards go to his gig. I hope it's going to be worth it <3 After I find out what on earth I'll have to wear.

Holy shit this turned out a lot longer than I intended O.O
Anyways off to bed now!

☆ I'm a sucker at making layouts .

Deal with it, this journal won't look any better anytime soon. I'm not a new user, my old journal just kinda died since I only use it to lurk around/buy at sales comms. I also can't find the time nor interest to post like outfit shots in communities. This will all go here, together with boring rambling about my daily life, stuff I bought, places/concerts I went to and whatever the fuck more.

So, I'll try to update this journal ALMOST daily, since I still have 2 weeks before school starts again.

This was taken a month ago, now my bangs are white and I'm going to dye my dreads black again, probably tomorrow.
Also, my hair is CURLY as fuck, that's why I chose to get dreads in the first place, my hair's of no other use anyway.

Huuuuuur, hopefully someone's going to read this.

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